Rusticus Restaurant Menu’s and Logo Design

December 19, 2014

The Rusticus Restaurant menus were designed with the writings and opinions from past articles in the Stratford Beacon Herald in mind. These articles were written by an individual that went by the pen-name Rusticus. Harvey Ische was his (my great-grandfathers’) full name and since the age of 16 Rusticus has always been his wise, agriculturalist voice, pressed into the newspaper’s history.

Playing off of an aged farming aesthetic of weather worn wood, worn out logos, old sign paintings and an old apple crate kicking around the house, I designed the Rusticus logo and crafted four menus (Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, and Beer & Wine). Each menu was bound by sisal household twine to a rustic red wooden board that had been aged to encompass the rustic flair that I was going for. To add a bit of the farming background of my great-grandfather I drew an illustration of one row of corn stalks, that’s placed behind the bottom-most menu items on each menu sheet.

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