PSA Poster Series: Lights Out Sit It Out

May 4, 2015

We were tasked with creating a series of Public Service Announcement posters for a specific cause while also integrating photography and illustration to better help depict the causes or effects to push the viewer to act. The cause I chose to tackle was “Concussions in Children” where per each poster one out of the three lightbulb characters is burnt out, therefore concussed. The line-art was then applied to add a level of character to better show the effects of minor concussions that may be deemed as “a light fall”, “a little dizziness”, “a bump on the head”, etc. The series of posters done in green are to show how this concept would apply to the summer season of sports, and the series in blue are to show how the concept would apply in the winter season of sports.

DISCLAIMER: and Parachute Canada are not endorsing this. They hold their own respective copyrights. As this is only a college project, nothing more.

PSA Poster on Playing Soccer
PSA Poster on Football
PSA Poster on Baseball
PSA Poster on Tobogganing
PSA Poster on Hockey
PSA Poster on Skiing

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