Arts Awards Waterloo Region Program

June 26, 2016

I volunteer with Arts Awards Waterloo Region and help them with their graphic design efforts, ads, banners, etc. This year I was tasked with putting together the main program for the awards ceremony. It is a detailed booklet filled with bio’s from artists, event organizers, performers and positive people nominated from, or supportive of, the arts community in the Waterloo Region.

Special thanks go to Simpson Print for being a print sponsor for the 2015 season of Arts Awards and printing this program for us! We really appreciate the work you’ve done!


Late last year Alan Denney passed away. He was the sculptor of the “Denney” that we hand out every year to winners of an Arts Award in their respective categories. It was my job to create an ad that payed tribute to him. I placed it on the inside, front-cover. In a prominent place for a hugely prominent figure in the history of the Arts Awards and the artistic community at large.
A half page ad I put together for Knar Jewellery. Knar Jewellery is responsible for the Denney pins that nominees received.
I put together this quarter page ad for Framing & Art Centre.
Thanks again to Simpson Print for printing the program for us!


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